The illuminati NWO hate America. They hate our Constitution, they hate our human rights. The illuminati wants to conquer Americans and make us all slaves.

In the big picture, Putin's control of Donald Trump and the GOP is about the illuminati trying to take over America. They want to split up America between the Russians and the Chinese. The Russians are really a front for the Rothschild Jews in Germany and France. The Chinese are really fronts for the yakuza Japanese monkeys. Philip K Dick's Man in the High Castle is not fiction - it is a refection of our reality.

The Russians are the more pressing threat than the Chinese because the Russian economy is small and not dependent on America. China's economy is so dependent upon the US it is difficult for them to attack us without destroying their own economic stability. Economies that are so interdependent are an impediment war. Chinese reliance on capitalism and trade with the US makes them unable to attack us directly. Russia in contrast does not have economic relations with America so they have nothing to lose by attacking us.

The illuminati want to take our guns away from us so they can literally invade America like in Red Dawn. The illuminati tail imps think they are Gods and that Americans should become their slaves and worship them. They plan to take over all of America and then go to space and leave America as a ghetto where they keep their slaves.