After Donald Trump completely kowtowed to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Trump did a press conference to walk back everything he said at Helsinki.

Trump began by saying that despite what he said in Helsinki, he truly does believe the FBI and CIA are correct in their declaration that Russia hacked the 2016 elections. As Trump was saying he had full trust in his intelligence agencies the lights when out at the white house. Trump jokes that it must be the intelligence agencies, immediately undermining the full trust he says he has in them.

The truth is the Russians cut the power in the white house while Trump was speaking. That was there way of undercutting what Trump's administration is making him say. The Russians have hacked into the White House control system itself. They cut the power to show that they still can control the white house.

Donald says he just made a mistake in Hellsinki and forgot to say "not' when he said he sees no reason to think that Putin hacked our elections. In Helsinki Trump said there was no reason to think Putin hacked the elections. But when he got home he said he made a mistake and really meant to say that he saw no reason NOT to think Putin hacked our elections - which is an obvious bald faced lie and doesn't make any sense in the context of his comments.

Even saying he sees no reason to NOT think that Putin hacked our elections is far from saying that Putin hacked our elections. While Trump has made forced acknowledgements that the Russians hacked our elections in 2016, he refuses to pin the blame on his buddy Vladimir Putin. Even when Trump acknowledges the Russians hacked the elections he also has to say that it could have been other people too.

There is no way to explain Trump's refusal to condemn Putin except that he has been compromised by Putin. Trump is doing whatever Putin tells him because Putin has the pee pee tape as the ultimate political blackmail.