Recently, Trump's legal team has been selling this perjury trap excuse as the reason Trump is refusing to testify in the Mueller investigation. The funny thing though is that they don't even understand what a perjury trap is.

Giuliani explained a perjury trap as happening when Trump is asked about what happened in his meeting with James Comey and then James Comey gives a different account of what happened.

This is not a perjury trap. A perjury trap is when someone contradicts themselves in their lies. They say things that are inconsistent so they either lied in one case or the other. It may not be clear what the truth is, but it is clear that the person lied at least once. If you lie under oath, you have committed perjury.

That's what a perjury trap is. What Rudy is talking about is two people having two different accounts of something. That's the same situation as two witnesses who say two different things. One of them is lieing but it's not a perjury trap because you don't know who's lieing.

If Mueller asks Trump about the Comey meeting and Trump lies and is then contradicted by some other information that also would prove perjury. Say if Comey had taped the meeting with Trump and could prove that Trump was lieing under oath.

That's not a case of two people having subjective accounts though leading to perjury for Trump - what Rudy described doesn't make any sense at all. It's incoherent, gibberish.

Anyway, saying "perjury trap" is a loaded way of putting the issue. If you don't lie, their is no perjury trap. You can't be convicted of perjury unless you lie. And you're not supposed to lie under oath so it's not a reasonable reason for Trump to reject doing a deposition with Mueller.

The Truth is that Rudy knows that Trump is horrible in depositions. Trump is a pathological liar who has lies all the time in public. He doesn't even know when he's lieing he just makes things up as they come to him. He contradicts himself all the time as we've all seen him do as President.

Trump has also proven that he’s willing to lie under oath. Trump was once caught lying 30 times during a deposition. Rudy knows that. He knows that Trump will fail under the pressure and end up perjuring himself.

On Sean Hannity's show Rudy said, “[Mueller] knows the answers to every question that he wants to ask. He’s going to ask him, ‘Did you tell Comey to go easy on Flynn?’ The president will say, ‘No, I didn’t.’”

Giuliani continued by claiming Mueller was setting a “perjury trap” for Trump by simply asking to interview him.

“Hey, Bob, you know it. Why do you want to get him under oath? Do you think we’re fools?” Giuliani asked Mueller in absentia. “You want to get him under oath because you want to trap him into perjury. We are not going to let you do that.”

Rudy knows that Trump under oath will lead to impeachment. That's why Rudy and Sekulow don't want Trump to testify under oath. They know they can't control Trump and that he will inevitably lie and commit perjury.

That's why Rudy and Sekulow are so obsessed with this perjury trap nonsense. They're trying to weasel their way out of having Donald testify. Donald, stupid moron he is, wants to testify and thinks he'll "lie so good.. everyone will like him again."