The Rothschild Jews created their American counterparts the Rockefellers as a secret offshoot of their Masonic genetics in the 1800s. The Rockefellers were used to take over America's economy. They own Wall street. Every single stock broker is a member of the Illuminati. They also own all of our big corporations. They control the court system and all of our medical doctors. The Rothchilds created and breed the Rockefellers to "FELL THE ROCK" - America being known as the land of Plymouth Rock.

The Rockefellers and Rothsteins both came to America around the same time in the 1880s. They were both bloodlines started by the Rothschild's to try and control America specifically through New York City. The Rothstein's ran the underworld, while the Rockefellers were supposed to be repectable. The Roth-stein (stones) where meant to throw stones at America - break the windows in our houses. They were assigned the organized crime violent role in the Illuminati.

The Rockefellers were also designed by the Rothschild Illuminati to attack America. They are Trying to Fell the Rock. America is Plymouth Rock. The Rockefellers are fellers who want to take down the Rock. They want to fell America, the Rock., They are the respectable ones though so they run Wall Street which the illuminati uses to screw with our economy.

The Rockefellers mission has always been to destroy America for the Illuminati NWO. This is when the Rothschild's began thinking of a NEW WORLD ORDER. They begin to think that they would take over the entire world and control it for themselves.The Illuminati have always wanted to enslave and control America. The Rothchild's breed the Rockefellers to be stupid sex objects - both men and women. They wanted them to run America for them while the Rothschild's would run Europe.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers controlled the entire banking industry by the 1920s. The Rothschild Illuminati Banking cult were able to take over the entire london stock exchange a century earlier by screwing over Napolean in the battle of Waterloo leading to his defeat in 1815. They also engineered the GREAT DEPRESSION in AMERICA in 1929 - mostly because they were trying to get Hitler into power (until the Great Depression he was a minor figure in German politics). The Rothschilds engineered the entire great depression which set up Hitler to become Fuhrer and also pushed the world into World War II. If WWII had gone the way the Rothschild Nazis wanted it to, they would have enslaved the entire world and stolen all of our money.

Up until 1945, the Illuminati were controlled by the Rothschild Jews worldwide. After the Holocaust, Hitler's world wide defeat, and the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Rothschild's were weak and fragile. They had murdered all the Jews and Gypsies who had supported them previously. The Yakuza - who were part of the Illuminati NWO but secondary to the Rothschilds then began a campaign of assissinating key Rothschilds and Rockefellers. By 1963, when they assisinated both the Pope and JFK, they had taken over WORLD WIDE. The Rothschilds and Rockefeller's since the 1970s have all worked for the Yakuza. Every decision the Rothschilds made was approved by the Japanese Yakuza.

That has only changed this year, 2018 when the Rothschild's have been able to reassert control of the Illuminati.