Philosophical Papers

Literary Theory, Art and Pop Culture

On Elves and Angels: The Inklings Quest (JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis)
The Tao of Art: Taoist influence on Chinese Art
Popular Culture: What is it? And what do we do with it?
The Western as a Pop Culture Myth / Pop Culture, Ideology and Hegemony
Technology and the Film Industry

Ethics, Social Theory and Technology

The Ethics of Action: Oedipus Rex, Plato, Aristotle and Pragmatism
A Game Theory Analysis of the Choice to Lie: Proof that Altruism is RATIONAL
What is Sin? Socrates vs Kierkegaard
Nietzsche on the importance of Suffering and Pity
Buddhist and Postmodern Ideas of Self
The Crisis of Liberalism: Kristol vs Walzer
Marx: Exploitation vs Compromise
Martin Buber and Capitalism
Kant's Morality: Reason and Choice
Hobbes: Passion vs Reason
Technology: Problems and Solutions - A discussion of Deep Ecology and Heidegger
Mohammad and the Rise of Islamic Civilization
The Plight of the Irish under Elizabeth the 1st

Truth, Science and Relativism

The Pragmatic Perspective on Truth
Why Richard Rorty is not an Idealist
Richard Rorty and Paradigm Shifts
Incommensurability and Paradigm Shifts
Absolutism, Relativism and Paradigm Shifts
Wittgenstein, Heidegger: Truth and the Holocaust
Subjectivity in Science
Representative Diversity in Science
Postmodern Truth
Science: Contingency and Universality
Descarte's Cogito and Existence
Hegel's Dialectic and Teleology

Language, Metaphors and Meaning

Metaphorics as Experimental Meaning
Emile Durkheim: Signs and Rituals
To Mean: A Gricean Account
On the Nature of Language
Quine and Gadamer on Hermeneutics
Quine and Meaning

Through The Rortyian Turn: My College Thesis, 1998

My Journal on Rorty's Writings
Table of Contents
Pretext: Why Richard Rorty?
Chapter 1: How to Take Rorty's Talk
Chapter 2: The Classical Modern Vocabulary: Moral Universalism and Representationalism
Chapter 3: Introducing the Neo-pragmatist Vocabulary: Anti-universalism and Anti-Representationalism
Chapter 4: What to do when they call you a Relativist
Epitext: Persuasion in a Post-Metaphysical World