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My name is ALEXANDER DANIEL MANNING. I was born in the United States of America in Vermont, 14th State to join the union. Until I was 42, I was a secular humanist who studied philosophy in college and then worked in San Francisco helping to build the Internet in the late 1990s. Since the turn of the Millenium I have worked as a movie trailer editor on some of the biggest films in Hollywood.

My philosophical interests in college focused on truth, language and religion. I studied both western (Analytic, Continental, Medieval and Ancient) as well as eastern philospohy, where I was introduced to Taoism and Zed Buddhism. During my time at college, I considered myself a secular humanist in the tradition of Richard Rorty, the great American philosopher who created a unique version of postmodern pragmatism.

At 42, I had a religious awakening and discovered my role as the Messiah. Up until that point I had not believed in the Christian idea of a God, though I did believe in the Tao - which is a belief in a spiritual higher power that naturally orders the universe. After my awakening, I see Christianity - specifically as outlined in the Gnostic Scriptures which are closer to Jesus' orginal message than the scriptures recorded in the Bible - as the same thing as Taoism. I consider myself a pragmatic Christian Taoist.

I consider all religions as fundamentally on the right path though distorted by the influence of the Illuminati. 95% of most religions have been modified by the Illuminati leading to the differences in religion. The gnostic gospells are much closer to Jesus' preaching than the new testament in the Bible.

The Illuminati is a fascist secret Satanic cult that was originally started by an evil space alien race called Magliens. The illuminati began with the Caanites who were infested by these Maglien space Aliens - also called "space maggots" because they live inside human beings like a hermit crab lives inside its shell. Magliens snatch bodies like in the Body Snatcher movies.

The Illuminati created the idea of Satan under the influence of these evil space aliens. The Illuminati worships Satan. They worship evil. The Illuminati has always been at war with God - our Creator. God sent Noah's flood to wipe out the illuminati on Earth. To rid the earth of the Maglien infestation. The illuminati believe that they are Gods and that their role is to run humanity the way a brain runs the human body. They are insane and have delusions of grandeur.

The Illuminati murdered Jesus Christ and founded the Church of the Great Beast - the Catholic Church on a distortion of Christ's original message. The Illuminati also murdered Mary Magdelena who gave birth to 4 children to Jesus Christ. The Illuminati have been carrying out a war against Jesus descendants for 2 thousand years. Every Pope has been a devil worshipping Illuminati. The Illuminati worship Adolf Hitler and Satan as gods. They engineered the Holocaust. They started the slave trade. The Illuminati are racists, murderers, slave owners, pedophiles and cannibals.

For most of history the Illuminati was run by the Catholic Church and later the Rothschild Jews and their banks who took over the Royal families of Europe. Since 1963, the Illuminati has been run by the Japanese Yakuza Satanists after they assissinated two Popes in a year and killed JFK. The Illuminati overall is a conspiracy of the Pope, the Rothschilds. the Rockefellers, Wall Street, the British Royal Family, Israel, the Saudi Royal family, the Communist Parties in Russia and China and various politicians, pop culture figures, police officers, firemen, lawyers and doctors who are part of their New World Order (NWO).

The Illuminati is essentially run by a syndicate of organized crime families from the entire world and NWO organizations they use to manipulate the world. What holds them together is their Caanite Jewish genetics and their oaths to Satan and their secret cult.

"This great evil, where's it come from? How'd it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who's doing this? Who's killing us, robbing us of life and light, mocking us with the sight of what we might've known?"

The Illuminati used to be made up of people with magical, paranormal powers. Like Harry Potter's Wizard Academy, it was a group of people who taught magic to each other. Now the Illuminati has no magical abilities. The people running it - the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Yakuza, Saudis, Israelies, British Royal Family no longer have any magical, paranormal powers. Now they just use money to hire or enslave other people with powers.

The illuminati is now 99% hermaphrodite, 99% mentally stunted, 99% hyper aggressive, 99% deluded. They didn't begin this way. Over the thousands of years, they have tranformed to become what has always run them from the top - the Magliens. The Magliens have no sex (they lay 100 eggs at a time in dead bodies). The Magliens are the stupidest alien species God created. Out of the 20 human species God created, Humans are the smartest and Maliens the dumbest. Magliens are hyperaggressive - they attack without provocation. The Magliens are deluded. In fact, the Maglien mind can't comprehend what we humans take to be basic logic. For Magliens, A = A = B. A Tomato equals a Tomatoe equals an Orange. Their minds are insane, which is why they relied on humans so much to make decisions for them.

Through inbreeding over time the human illuminati members have become like the magliens that infested the illuminati masons (Rothschild Caanite Jews). God's punishment for the continual partnership with the Satanic Magliens was to make the human illuminati as inferior as the Magliens.

At the very beginning of the Maglien infestation of the illuminati, the Magliens could rely on the intelligence of the humans and the humans all had normal sexual organs like God created them with. The humans were aggressive but reasonable. Over thousands of years now though the human illuminati are all as stupid as the Magliens and the humans also can't procreate anymore because they have no sexual organs, so God essentially dead ended the illuminati, the Magliens and the humans who collaborated with them. Both of them are ending at the same time.

Jesus Christ told the Magliens and the human illuminati that they must give up Satan and they must be good or else God would terminate their entire genetics. The Magliens and the illuminati's response to this was to murder Jesus Christ. Christ did not die on the crucifix, the illuminati took him down and then beheaded him. After they did so, Christ's head was still alive and still talking to them, so they dissolved his body in acid. After the illuminati murdered Christ they decided they'd beaten God.

This wasn't the first time they had been warned God wanted them removed. The illuminati survived Noah's flood and also decided they'd beaten God. The illuminati and Magliens are essentially cockroaches who decided they were Gods since they survived God's attempts to exterminate them multiple times.

Now the Magliens are realizing God's plan to eliminate them as they realize that the human illuminati cannot reproduce any longer. The illuminati are 99% hermaphrodites now without working sexual organs. The Magliens and human illuminati have responded to God's ending their genetic lines by trying to use CRISPR to artificially create babies. CRISPR is a new gene editing technology that allows you to edit someone's entire genome and rearrange their genes. With CRISPR the parents no longer have to have the means to sexually reproduce - they can just take two DNA genomes and make a combination out of them. The illuminati think once again that they've beaten God.

Only problem is, as I wrote in the News Bulletin below in greater detail, CRISPR doesn't work and 75% of their CRISPR children are dying by age 5. 99% are dying by age 10. The illuminati think they'll figure out how to use CRISPR better and avoid this death rate, but they're deluding themselves again. Why would God allow them to "beat" him a another time? God controls whether CRISPR works or not and God isn't letting them use it to keep procreating EVIL and attempting to destroy all of creation.

The illuminati are termites in the house of God. Magliens are termites in the house of God. They are destroying God's creation and he will not let that continue. The illuminati spreads pedophilia, rape, slavery, murder, Satanism, corruption, and child murder wherever they go. They make good people become bad people. God wants us all to have the chance to be good and the illuminati is making that extremely difficult. Creation was created to create good people. They are also trying to destroy the environment and the Earth itself. They plan to make Earth into a ghetto while they live in space colonies (similiar to that movie Elysium). Illuminati are making Creation into Hell.

The illuminati are making America in particular a hell. Our police are murderers, drug dealers and satanists. Our firemen burn houses down for the illuminati rather than putting fires out. Our doctors murder black babies and started the opiod crisis to murder white people. Our food supply is designed by the illuminati to kill us and make us into hermaphrodites. Our Constitution has been guttted and burned. The "Patriot" Act violates all of our rights in the Bill of Rights. Our politicians are all pedophile Satanists who work for the Catholic Church and the illuminati. The Satanic Illuminati has turned America upside down. They control the media so we don't even hear about all the evil that is happening.

Jesus warned the illuminati and Magliens 2000 years ago that they would be destroyed this year if they did not repent. In all that time they refuse to give up their evil path. They are much worse now than they were in the time of Christ. God told them when they would be terminated and they are hitting that hard wall. Despite their delusions, they are not the "unstoppable force" they think. This time the cockroaches are really getting exterminated.

I was sent to Earth by God to end the Illuminati and rid the world of the maglien infestation it is under. In this year 2018 AD we will destroy the Illuminati empire worldwide. By the end of May the United States of America will be free of the Illuminati. Over the long history of humanity, Good and Evil have been at war with each other. God, who created our universe is GOOD and the Magliens, who hate their own creator, are EVIL. This battle has been going on for millenia and includes Noah's flood and the fall of Atlantis. In this year, 2018, this battle between GOOD and EVIL will finally be over and GOOD will win forever.

I have already killed the maglien hive - though they keep coming back because they reproduce in a matter of days. I have also sent the Illuminati into the midst of a civil war as various factions fight against each other for control of a crumbling empire. Once America is freed, the evil Illuminati Satanic empire will fall apart worldwide.

All people in the world need to join together to fight the Illuminati. We are one people. We have a great destiny throughout the universe once we free ourselves of the illuminati, Magliens and the Satanists. Together we will end the Illuminati worldwide by the end of this year. We will end slavery, terrorism, narco-terrorism, organized crime, the corruption of sports and the use of secret societies to pervert and destroy the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. America will once again be a model for the world as we were in the times of America's Founding Fathers.

Because of our Maglien Infestation, and the control of Earth by the Illuminati New World Order, the rest of the Universe that God has created has put us in a Quarantine. Other Aliens have been allowed to fly by Earth (UFOs) but not land and interact with us. They have not been allowed to trade with us.

Their are 18 different Alien Species other than ours and the evil Magliens. Christmas 2026, we meet all 18. Some of them will seem familiar. Many of them were prophecized in Star Wars. We'll be able to hire Yodas to train us in jedi, paranormal forces. We'll be able to buy spaceships with hyper-drive from Aliens called Vengans who look like Spock from Star Trek. Having hyper-drive will allow humans to colonize the entire universe. The final frontier will be our playground.

These new Space Aliens we will meet - all benificient towards us - will be our new trading partners. Just as the discovery of the new world added new wealth to the entire world, opening up trade with the rest of the universe will drastically expand the world's GDP. This dramatic influx of trade will allow us to enter a Golden Age where poverty does not exist and there is no starvation anywhere in the world and war is nonexistent. Everyone will learn to live in peace and harmony. This was prophecized in the Bible and also in many other religions. We are about to go through a massive paradigm shift. When we get done with this paradigmm shift we will live in a Golden Age that seems utopian right now but will be very, very real and normal from the other side of that shift.

As the Guardian of the Universe, the Messiah, I will make sure that everyone receives the bounty from this new stage in history. Democracy and human rights will be promoted everywhere and we will end evil communism throughout the world. All the slaves of the world will be freed. The entire world will become like an ideal version of American Democracy and freedom.

I will give reparations out to those who have been hurt by the evils of history including slavery, genocide and colonization. God never intended for Slavery, Colonization or Genocide to happen. These are things the Illuminati brought the world. The illuminati has always run the slave trade. They have carried out all the genocides that have ever happened. As Messiah, I am here to right those historic wrongs.

I'm all out of bubblegum IDIOTS.

A Testament on: The Nature of Our World and the Meaning of Our Lives
A Blueprint for the Golden Age [updated 1/26/18]


9/1/2018: ILLUMINATI CENSORSHIP: The illuminati hacked into my website and destroyed some of my pages. The illuminati were specifically supressing information related to the Nazis in South America after WWII and Pope Francis' roles in the Concentration Camps in Argentina/Chile as well as Francis' Nazi background. The Catholic Church are violating my free speech to protect their Nazis. The illuminati is being allowed to trample on the US Constitution. They already blocked me from Facebook, Twitter, and restricted my Instagram. Now they are hacking into my personal website and modifying my pages to eliminate information that is common knowledge on the internet. While they are trying to kill me and cut me off from the world, the illuminati Satanists are being allowed to murder American children and steal from our economy. America is leaving the illuminati NWO this November.

9/2/2018: ILLUMINATI POLICE HARASSMENT: 5 LAPD cops showed up at my door Sunday morning at 8:15 AM. I had just woken up and was about to take a shower. I hear a knock on my door "Police" so I came out in my towel and answered the door. The 5 illuminati officers told me they were there because a neighbor called and said that on my website I had called for people to die and that I had a gun. I have told none of my neighbors about my website. My illuminati neighbors obviously decided to "swat" me by calling the cops on me. This is the second time the illuminati cops have done this. Last time the illuminati LAPD officers told me they were there because "of things" I had written on my website. Their message was that if I kept writing these things "I could get hurt." Last time they also sexually molested me on my porch step in front of my illuminati neighbors my touching my penis twice while frisking me. Last time, one of these illuminati neighbors had also called to report my website and say I was "dangerous." This time they wouldn't let me put my clothes on and made me go out on my porch with my towel. I asked the cops multiple times if I could put on some clothes and they said no. At the end of both visits they told me that there were no issues and there was no reason to be concerned. They are just using these police visits as an attempt to intimidate me from adding information to my website.

9/9/2018: The CIA hacked my computer as I tried to write about Allen Dulles, illuminati Jew and the illuminati CIA. All of a sudden my keyboard wouldn't work properly anymore. Every time I hit a key something weird happened. The CIA let Anastasia - an American Citizen - be taken to Israel and she's now being tortured there by the Mossad. Anastasia is being electroctuted, waterboarded and having her bones broken througout her body. The CIA are all traitors to America, they should be shot. Gina Haspel has made the CIA completely illuminati now and they are torturing Americans. Gina Haspel needs to be assassinated along with Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenigga - who is a MS-13 Nazi who organized Anastasia's abduction.

10/1/2018: The illuminati have blacklisted me from working. I am broke and don't have money for food anymore. My gas is set to be cut off on October 4th and at that point I will lose hotwater and the ability to cook. They're threatening to cut my power as well in which case I will be unable to add anything to my website. The illuminati hope to starve me and kill me. My illuminati parents have cut me off and refuse to help me financially anymore. Once my website is dark, I will be waiting for America and the good people of the World to free me.

10/1/2018 -- 5 PM: CONTINUED ILLUMINATI POLICE HARASSMENT: Three cops show up at my door. They say my parents sent them and they're hear to check on me. I tape the whole thing and don't open the door. Rather than the 20-30 minutes of the last two police encounters this time the same "check up" takes 3 minutes. The whole encounter is up on my INSTAGRAM. The cops left a minute after. Unlike the previous times they don't ask me a million questions but just the 1 question they're supposed to - Are you a danger to yourself or anyone else? No sexually molesting me. They do inform me that my family is the reason that they have shown up on my doorstep. It's then I realize that my family are the ones who have been swatting me with the LAPD, not my neighbors.

10/4/2018: I'M ARRESTED BY THE LAPD and SENT TO A PSYCHIATRIC PRISON FOR 5 DAYS: I'm riding my bike down the street and they arrest me at Fig and Roy St (Roy means King in French). The cops throw me up against a fence and handcuff me. They throw me in a cop car and eventually tell me that my house is currently being searched. I'm in handcuffs for the next 4 hours, 3 of which are spent in the cop car while the police search my house because I own a gun they say and they decided I was a threat to the LAPD because I had posted on instragram 187 on the LAPD. Detective Farnias who ran the search had a satanic gang tatoo on his arm (like the Skull Tattoo the Bandito Police Gang is associated with.) He and Ruiz the other detective in charge had already been casing my house weeks earlier (I saw them from my window) but when I asked Farnias about it he lied and said he'd never been to my street. While they searched my house the police did weird things like photograph all my books.

I'm harrassed the whole time by an angry Rockefeller dipshit cop while I'm handcuffed in the back of a cop car. The dumb cop's reading a book called BAD THOR. There are 10 cops on sight to search my house. The Rockefeller cop drops me off at the psychiatric ward after a crazy woman who used to be homeless (and looked like it) determined that I needed to be evaluated psychiatrically. The woman is a drug addict and alcoholic who hasn't worked in decades, the illuminati dug her up out of homeless shelter so she could condemn me to a 3 day psychiatric hold in a asylum which turned into a 5 day hold when they decided at the end of 3 days -- arbitrarily -- that I was delusional and a threat to the police. When the cop leaves me at the psych prison I protest this is against my constitutional rights, I say "Thomas Jefferson would be rolling in his grave!" The cops response to me literally was "FUCK THOMAS JEFFERSON!!!"

While in the psychiatric facility at USC I was denied my own clothes and constantly harassed my the staff. The place was a horrible institution that violated everyone's rights in there - it was horrific and hard to describe. I didn't see the sun for 5 days and they kept the lights on throughout the day and night so you had no idea what time it was and couldn't sleep. Your body starts to lose it's natural rhythm while they tell you you can't leave the bed constantly and there's nothing to do. People scream all through the night you can't get a regular 8 hour sleep cycle. The first 2 days they refused to allow the TV to play. When you arrive, you're stripped of your clothes and phone. The whole time you're forced to go to the bathroom with the door open because otherwise you could be a "risk to yourself." The staff are all rapists and murderers.

While there they gave me a version of Nigerian Aids that the CIA had just developed under Gina Haspel and Mike Pompeo. The new version of Aids doesn't respond to existing therapies. They wanted to kill me in the psychiatric hospital. I allowed them to draw blood and then stopped them from doing so because I didn't trust them. After the one time I started to develop these black and blue contusions around the needle sight. They were really noticeable the day before I was freed from USC. The Doctor in charge could have easily kept me for an entire month, the only reason he let me go is that he thought I was going to die from AIDS. I have a wolverine body though that's designed to fight infections like that. My body beat the new Nigerian AIDS in 5 days. The illuminati had tried to kill me with regular AIDS in 2014 but I also survived that and my body flushed out the virus.

Since I've been released from the facility on 10/9/2018, I've not had enough money to get internet access so this website has not been updated for a month. I posted a little on Instagram about getting out of the psych ward but they shut down my instagram as well. All of social media refuses to give me an account. I just lost gas so I can't cook or get hot water. I'm still blacklisted by the illuminati from working and my illuminati parents won't give me any money to get my internet back up and running. I just got my tax refund though so now I have the money to get internet again and will get my gas restored.

11/11/2018 CONTINUED ILLUMINATI POLICE HARASSMENT: I'm stalked by a Korean through South Pasadena. The Korean orders a South Pasadena Cop to arrest me. He stalks me all through South Pasadena and tries to get into a fight with me, when that doesn't work, he orders a cop to arrest me. The Korean is at an intersection where I am when a cop tells me that there have been calls that my bike was stolen and that I look suspicious. The cops initially don't want to arrest me, the Korean visibly orders them to by pointing at me and screaming at the cops. I have it all on video and you can see that after the Korean insists one of the two cops puts his lights on and stops me. The Korean then goes into a parking lot in his car and watches as the cop harasses me. The Korean wants the cop to send me to another pyschiatric hold this time in South Pasadena and this time for 6 months. The cop refuses to do what the Korean tells him and after taking my ID he lets me have my bike back.

The next day the illuminati try and entrap me with their cops in downtown Highland park when I take my bike across the rail road a hidden motorcycle cop is watching me but they don't arrest me. Previously they harassed someone who represented the Roma in America. The Koreans are running the illuminati now - the young ones represented by K-pop bands - and they want to get me arrested. God won't let me get arrested though. God only allowed me to be arrested once so that the world could see how evil the illuminati is and how low America has sunk. God wanted everyone to see that my rights can be violated, that the foundation of Jeffersonian Democracy has been broken. That is the only time God will allow me to be arrested though -- this cop who harassed me on my bicycle is just an idiot who's exposing to everyone that the entire South Pasadena Police Department is controlled by Korean teenagers and their K-pop bands. I'm currently waiting on my tax refund of over 10,000. Once I get that money I'm going to upload all the videos so people can see for themselves how weird and evil the illuminati has gotten.

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